I am Raja from India

Hi, I am Raja. I’m from India and I am new for this website. I want to share my like and my unlike things. I like geography, gk , maths and drawing most. I little like physics. I am also a YouTuber.
I practising mental calculation for many years.
My favorite mathematition is Srinivas Ramanujan. I like to learn super cool tricks and share it.:smiley::smiley::smiley:


Hi @Rajadodve786. Welcome to the forum.

I don’t do mental calcs myself, but there’s a bunch of good folks on this forum that do. They’re probably sleeping at the moment :grinning:

Maybe you could browse some of the recent posts here:

I don’t do mental calculation, perhaps too lazy to do it since I have a calculator next to me all the time, but I’d love to learn more about the super cool tricks to do it.
I also have an idea with memorising more in shorter time involving maths, but not sure if it can be done until I start practicing, so it’ll be interesting to start using it and any tips & tricks would be great to make life easier.