I am new and here are my goals

Hii! I am completely new to this and I would like to join the community. To be honest, as a russian, I started with GMS, but the abundance of manipulative language and some esoteric pseudoscientific nonsense has forced me to look into this deeper than just some pdf file so I ended up here

My primary pragmatic goal is to be able to memorize a lot of scientific data. I study linguistics and I want to have an edge on everybody else by being able to accumulate wordy and complicated information during the course. So, for now I am not particularly interested in memorizing first 31416 digits of pie number. I would love to learn all general techniques, but my primary goal remains to be text memorization. What are the techniques for that?

If I understand this correctly, I need to build my own loci. About that: would my way from my house to to school do? I’ve been walking through it for many many years in the past and it is easy for me to visualize every step on my way there. And what should I start with memorizing? Some made up list of random words? Maybe Spanish top 150 frequency list?

I hope this will be noticed and I am looking forward to reading all the advice. Thank you in advance!