I am making Mnemonics on demand for free for a lot of great learning opportunities and experience

I am going to create mnemonics for equations and text and numbers which will be posted here if they are apropriate(They do not contain any bad word) and I will do it for free so that I can increase my experience and learn more,

Why should you trust me?

You can trust me to make mnemonics because I have created many memory techniques, and you can find them in this forum and I think that I have created more good memory techniques than most if not all the people in this forum and there is no lack of people creating who have created one memory technique or even more on this forum and even today I have not gained anything from them except lively replies,likes, happiness and views and they had taken a lot of time to create and type and post and I intend to continue doing the same because it is my passion and many people learn more from doing the action that I am going to start doing doing than they have learnt in decades and I want to experience this and intend to maintain this topic for at least a few days and to keep this topic a safe place trolls will be personally reported by me whether they are reported by anyone else or not,

So please don’t troll in this forum topic and since I believe that the majority of the users in The Art of Memory Forum have never trolled another user you do not have to worry about this,


Have a Great Day.

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