I am Introducing Myself, Alex(Wilddust) Germany

Hi new member here, but was a lurker for some months now. I was always interested to use mnemonics for different reasons but, never actually used them in a real life situation. I think it’s because of lazyness or it requires a lot of hard work but w/e.
Now i did use it to memorise a deck of cards and it worked out MUCH better then expected but my time is super slow. Iam sure the time will cut after some time BUT I had an idea to better process Visual information and it goes like this;
You open a random picture for example 2 foxes attacking each other. You look at it for 1 minute and then do something else for 2 minutes. After that take a pencil and draw what you saw on paper from memory, it shouldn’t matter if its a good drawing but the outline is important, maybe?
Anyways I will inform you if it helped me or is completely useless.
And here is a small challenge: Trying to solve a Sudoku from memory(easy/medium one)
I will use my PAO from the Deck and place it in a gridlike Location? How would you approach it?


Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

You could probably find a way to use a memory palace and/or peg list system to memorize a sudoku board, though an incomplete board might be more difficult than a complete board.

If you create a 3-digit number system you could memorize a finished board with nine locations:

Example: this part of the board could be three images in one location:

8 4 2 ← image #1
9 7 1 ← image #2
5 6 3 ← image #3

If you use this pattern for making the memory palace/journey it would give you all nine locations in one room.

The tricky part would be a starting board that is missing numbers like this:

8 4 ☐
9 ☐ ☐
5 ☐ 3

One idea would be to convert the blank spaces to zero. So the starting board could be memorized like this, and the zeros would be converted as you filled in the answers:

8 4 0
9 0 0
5 0 3

I haven’t tried memorizing a sudoku board, so I’m just brainstorming here. :slight_smile:

If you haven’t seen them yet there are also two threads about sudoku:

Boris Konrad did a memory demonstration with sudoku but the video seems to have disappeared from the Web.

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