I am going to college!

Yesterday I received my results from the test I took on april 15th. One of the requirements I needed to get into college was to pass a civics test. I had to learn all the concepts from a havo civics book, around 300-400 concepts in total, I think. The book had around 185 pages.

I’m happy to say that I aced the test and passed with an 8! :slight_smile:

This result means a lot to me because I was at a pretty low point these last few months. It was incredibly hard to find the motivation to study. I didn’t start studying until 2 weeks prior to the test day.

As an exercise I memorized the whole first chapter verbatim back in february, iirc. Then I took a break until beginning of april. It was never mentioned that we had to learn the first chapter, I am glad I did. Concepts from the first chapter returned in the test.

I remember almost everything from the test. It had 28 questions, 11 multiple choice questions and 17 open questions. You could get 45 points in total, I got 36. You could calculate your grade by dividing the points you got by the total number of points and multiply that with 10. 36/45x10= 8. I think I can recall around 20-25 questions from the 28 but I am not going to describe any of them in case that is not permitted.

In situations like the past few months, I am so glad to have my memory. I didn’t have to write any notes or spent hours and hours studying, which is very convenient when you barely have the energy to open the damn book. All I needed was to read the book twice and go through all the concepts in my head. On some days I would go through 30 pages in two hours and I could recall every concept from those pages, even the pictures, graphs, diagrams and trivial text about opinions from people, just by reading.

Did you know that India has a ministry for yoga? And an international yoga day was proposed to the UN back in 2014 and it got passed! Yoga day is on 21st of june, a date suggested by the prime minister of India.

Right now my plan is to work as much as I can to save some money for college. I already found a job at a bread factory and I hope to stay there until the end of august. I got my results and found a job all on the same day! My jobcoach had a nice suprise for me as well. One of her colleagues, Mr Bakker, actually got me a potential internship and job at Univé, the second largest insurance company in the country! Things are starting to look up from now on :smiley:


Congratulations Johnny! Wish you could get even better in the future.


Amazing! Wonderful!

What do you plan on studying, if I may ask?


I am not sure what direction I want to go. I’ve read that if I get my propaedeutic certificate, which is possible to get the first year, I can go to a 3 year law education at university level.

I would like to be a person who checks documentation, law and right proposals and also be the person to go to court when those things are not correct or illegal, for example. This way I could help the whole of society instead of just individual people or companies.

Only certain professions are allowed to go to court, like an attorney, and those professions require a specific education that can only be obtained at a university.

So, chances are that I might go to university after the first year already. After that, I would like to get a masters degree and try to get into a PhD program to get a doctorate.

So who knows, perhaps I might be refered to as Doctor in the near future :laughing:


Congrats to you! I hope your memory skills continue to serve you well :smile:

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Good luck looks like your memory did you well and congrats!

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Thank you Deborah, Alex and everyone else for the congratulations.

My memory has always been something I could fall back on. Back in middle school, it kept me from failing tests and now it brought me to college, while I was at one of my lowest points in my life.

I’ve read that law educations are one of the toughest educations to graduate from. People make long hours studying and doing homework. I am not sure if it will be the same for me, I learn things much faster than my peers. Nevertheless, I am going to prepare myself early and go for it 100%. :slight_smile:


keep moving forward and achieve success :hugs:




Congratulations! These are the kinds of posts I love tonsee here.


Thanks guys! This has become a great year for me and I hope all of you reach your goals and dreams as well :slight_smile:


Did you ever tried to get a physics degree? I think that it is an ideal field for you.

I bought a 500 pages VWO mathbook some time ago. I’m gonna try to take a math entrance exam next year.

If I get my chance, I will study mathematics at a university but if I don’t pass the math exam then I can still pursue law. :slight_smile:

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Good luck and have fun!

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