I almost pushed my limits to the unbelievable

I was trying to memorize 4 random cards in less than 0.10 seconds and I ended up with time of 0.06 seconds with one error! it was so fast so if you don’t look at the video at the highest resolution you will not see anything!!!


wow very cool! :clap:

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it almost worked with numbers! 7/8


it worked with numbers :slight_smile:


Very nice, now i am too interested in this.
I wanna give it a try.

As you know I am doing in phone not in pc so I don’t think I can click finished button that fastly.
So I will try by custom setting (I will set short time there)

Edit : I believe nagime is undoubtedly best too in this kind of stuff


Raja bhaiii…
How good are you with these mnemonic techniques
I have some questions to ask ?
Bhai ki thodi madad kardo yaarr
5-10min nikal kar
Wont take long


If I can help you , I will try my best.
What you wanna ask ? Anyway what kind of help you want ?

And sorry I never give or take personal coaching like stuff so I don’t know about it.

Ohh no nothing to the extent of getting u to teach me everyday
I am having some huge issues with my memory training…
But for that i need to ‘talk’ to you

I just need 10mins at most
Coz i am stuck to same place in my memory journey and i dont think there’s a way out of my problem
So call me if u can
The number is in my profile
Just added it there
not a creep joh sabse keheta reheta hain call karlo
Decision is urs man
You dont have to say anything in response to this
I will understand if for some reason u cant make ur mind to call me…:v:

Sorry, I never give my personal info here. And sorry I can’t call you.

I am sending you private message, you can ask your questions there.

Kindly share if any pao list u use

Very funny training to do. Thank you for showing me this !
I did a couple of try last hour, here are my biggest score.

Unfortunately, Its more complicated to do this for images because they are not appearing clearly on frame one on my screen. I will try next week, i think its possible to do 4images below 0.09 and maybe even less.

I m really interested to know how far is it possible to go.
I will post if im doing way better than this.

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it’s almost unbelievable :wink: