Human mind

how can psychology tricks effect human memory

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By using imagination as if it’s really happening. You can trick the mind.

A prisoner was sentenced to death. A group of scientist was given permission to experiment on him.

They first restrain the prisoner, blind fold him, then cut his wrist so he bleeds. The blood coming out is collected in a bucket. The cut was not fatal, so the wound stop bleeding after a while. However, the scientist then had water dripping right next to his wounded wrist, the prisoner does not know this, but he can hear the dripping sound ~nice and clear~

The prisoner later died. He had enough blood supply left, and was healthy when the experiment was performed, no infection was found. He was just, killed by himself.

I find this surprising. I’m fairly sure it would be illegal in any of the democracies. The exceptions might be Japan (1935-45), and Germany (1939-45).


Added: I just checked Wikipedia. So include US (1953-1973).

You forgot China, lol, oh nvm, it is communist XD

Also, dementia and alzheimer patients are known to be able to kill themselves (mentally) when left alone for a few minutes after leaving hospital as they want to be alone.

But in truth, no one want to be alone, but they feel so messed up hey cant think of a better way to do so, and when you leave them, that is when all the negativity starts to build. Morrow: stay with them, always when out of hospital.

Can you give us an example of what you mean by ‘psychological tricks’?

Ecstasy is a good example.


How can it?