How you test yourself

I have been working for major system with 00-99 object, here is my journey
I start with memrize major system for 00 to 99,
i just use 10 loci to memorize that 100 object, so after few days i dont like it because one loci is for 10 object, so 55 is the same place with 65 and 75 and 85. and i dont memorize it in convenient and fun way, you know like you memorize it over and over but not stick, because one loci for 10 object,
After that condition, i move to one place is for 10 object, i mean 00-09 in one place, and 10-19 in other place, but doesnt mean it to be loci, but story,

Example 00-09 is at home, and 10-19 at garden, but to memorize it 00-09, i use story not loci, because i never make loci to huge number like 100 loci system, because i think when i memorize a think with loci, i need interaction between object,

Example if i want to memorize batman at table and superman at clock, i turn out to be batman kick superman, and it is turn to be batman is move to superman position, and now loci is lose their function,

Anybody think that loci is need interaction between near object?

What is your parameter for succesful memorization for being art of memory man i think? What is your challenge for yourself,

I like to memorize fast, for short dissucusion, but i need to be deep person, i mean memorize some meaningful thing for long time than memorize fast something dont useful,

Maybe can you share what is your biggest project for yourself with art of memory? Maybe will shake the world,
Memorize number is ok but, what to memorize like yanja wintersoul is meaningful you can have fun with catalogue ikea i mean.

Can you being a fun intelegent social man also you are super memory strong fast man hehehe

Sorry, I didn’t understand all of your post. But are you actually memorizing your major system with loci?

Well, I didn’t do that at all. I had a very different approach. Starting with the idea that the major system intended to translate numbers into words, I trained in the process of translating: from words to numbers and reverse. My major system is a very simplified language that interfaces between numbers and my learning process. And i learned it by rote.

Therefore, I didn’t bother to build a palace: the numbers are already in a known sequence; it would be a waste of time. There is no way I can forget a number anyway, so loci is for me 1) overkill, and 2) too slow (but I am not a great loci practitioner).

As of the tool to repeat the translation (to test yourself), I used Anki and handmade paper flashcards, but there are other ways. But the real test is when you start acquiring data, in my case phone numbers. Does it work? Am I quick enough to generate sequences of images that are “good” enough? That was my real test.

Don’t mistake my answer; I would like to understand why you resorted to the loci to memorize your major system, and coped with problems, as it seems…

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Yes i use loci with major system because i dont really understand why 8 is f and why 3 is m, and my languange is not english so it is hard to make my own word with that consideration, i use pre selected word in english and make image after that

I really bother if i can remember 85 but need time for translate 84 , so i make fair(84) is like referee (image of 84) that fall (85) hit 85 number, here is me not train to translate word to number, number to word, i make number to image translation only

Yes it is fun to use anki, but to realize i dont have whole perception or all not connected together, with that flashcard, i dont really throw myself into flashcard, repetition is good but not to connected all information in one bucket, i like to remember phone number

Im now trained to make loci because last 2 day i make it 2 scene of loci, 1 scene is 5 loci
Im now remember 60 digit of pi with only 10 loci, i cant write 60 digit pi number with 1 minute

Yes i use loci because i hard to understand major system with my own language, like ch is not any i my language

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There is some information about that on the Major System page.

3 looks like M if you rotate it.
8 looks kind of like a cursive f.


See also:

Wow. But, excuse me if my remark is stupid, why don’t you adapt the major principle to your language?

As of me, I’m a french speaker; I adapted the major system (it was before I discovered that the origin of the system was french :slight_smile:).

It seems to me that using 1- words of a foreign language and 2- loci system, is 2 workarounds that make even more complex something that should be plain and simple. I am quite at ease with english, but I never considered building a major system in english, it would be unintuitive.

My advice would be: adapt (if convenient) the phonetics rules of the major to your language; create a list of image adequate to your mind in your native language (and really, the Major is just a recipe, don’t become obsessed with the thing), and use it to build something that is quickly usable (and fun).

At least, if you try again later, keep in mind taht the simpler the better…

I’m curious, what is your language?

Is that ch as in 6? I’m not sure where in the major system ch is a primary sound… 6 (only one I can imagine) is J that could be soft G that could be SH that could be CH (or even X in Catalan or SCH in German.)

What is the digit to letter pair you are talking about… and what is the language you are using?


The only problem is i never try to understand major system, but only use with already list of word. So here i think, i want to memorize it and understand it if i can, i optimist because i can memorize 150 pi number now, so art of memory make me more confident,
So i need confident to make my own word from letter, nothing to lose with trying

Now i grow with memorizing pi number without really remember major system, so i just lookup for word from number with memrize app, my only work is to make image from word

Nah thats it, im now letting go my previous statment, im now really dont loci my major system, remember what letter for what number is a must, thankyou for supporting

Yes i want to practice it, more is make you better

Yes ch is for 6 number,

My language is Indonesia btw

60 Jus
63 Jamur
64 Jari
66 Jajan

I really appreciate you speak my language :joy: