How would you recommend memorising this image

(himanshu singh) #1

I have to remember not only the place of object but also it’s properties.

(Josh Cohen) #2

The image is a representation of a landscape with locations, so you could use the image itself as a memory journey. Memory journeys work by tricking your brain into thinking that it traveled through physical space and experienced certain events along the way.

I memorized most of it by imagining walking through it and picturing different types of buildings along the way, starting at the bottom left corner. I’d do it in small sections with repetition. First, memorize the bottom left are (triangle with domed building), then walk up the path to the intersection. Then walk up to the L-shaped area with the house on pillars. Then close your eyes and mentally go back to the beginning, seeing if you can recall that much. Once you can recall that, repeat the journey, adding a little more to it each time. After memorizing all the locations that are on the path, you could add the locations that are outside the path, like the barn/silo and tent with a flag near the bottom left.