How would you memorize these 5 elements?

Can you give your example for the first 5 elements, how would you do it? The numbers on the left is their atomic number, their symbol and their name, how would you memorize them in that order?

1.H Hydrogen
2.He Helium
3.Li Lithium
4.Be Beryllium
5.B Boron

My example goes like this, it’s in my bedroom:

1.H Hydrogen: A 3D projection/homogram of an adroid waving with his hand and saying Hi, all his fingers glow red (red=first letter of the element( H ))

2.He Helium: A cute little female devil (hell) of a smurf’s height (every character from now on has the size of a smurf) standing a top of my desk and rolling the handle of a device that creates the hologram of the android, her horns(2) blow blue (two first letters of the element “He”).

3.Li Lithium: Behind the scheming devil there’s a Kurt Cobain (Nirvana’s song “Lithium”) trying to fit a blue(2 first letters) halo on top of her horns, he hums the song’s chorus 3 times before he manages to fit it in.

4.Be Beryllium: Kurt Cobain wears a cape made of berries, there are 400 berries, each berry has blue eyes (2 first letters) and they collectively make silly sounds and annoy eachother until…

5:B Boron: A Borat, wanting to climb the desk throws a hook and gets the lower end of Kurt’s berry-cape, he’s wearing his trademark swimsuit and wears red gloves(first letter of the element(B)) and thinks how everyone will be happy when he Hi-5’s them.

I have little experience with applied mnemonics, I’m usually more into the neuroscience of things but I want to explore the potential.

My goal of course is duration of memories, speed of encoding/recall isn’t that crucial.
I want you to critisize my process and give advice, I’m aware everyone can remember things in a slightly different way, but I want to hear what works for you the most.

I’ve noticed that no matter how good I make an image, I simply won’t be able to get the rest if I haven’t explicitly connected them in an important way.

I also noticed something else, not sure if it’s my idea or not but when I imagine the characters being small (smurf size) I can navigate through the chain much easier, kinda like hovering around on a helicopter, seeing the whole pattern and zooming wherever you want at any moment. If I create the characters and places in a regular way I don’t have that kind of omniscience I feel when smurfing them.

  1. Seaweed(001) is growing out of an old hydrogen bomb that’s somewhere underwater. (Could also be a Sun(fuses hydrogen), Hydra, Hinderburg… etc)

  2. An Assassin(002)(Think Assassins Creed) is healing an Oompa Loompa(healoom) that’s laying on the ground.

  3. A sesame(003) covered bun is being eaten by a specific character in the movie American Psycho (If you’ve seen it, you’ll know which)

  4. A UFO saucer(004) is levitating(like pulling up into itself by using magic/technology- watch movies) berries that are luminating(like glow in the dark bracelets or something-luminescence). Berrylum…

  5. A sock(005)-wearing boar is boring(with his tusks) a tree.

I really don’t get what you mean by “2 first letters”

This is a good idea for a post. I really don’t get your images, they seem vastly overcomplicated to me, but hey, if they work, good for you.

On smurfing; me (and multiple others on this site) sometimes smurf OURSELVES when we create journeys, to fit way more loci into smaller spaces.


Bateman, is that a premade number system or just for the occasion?

I noticed that your 5 elements don’t connect together, I personally can’t recall mine if I don’t specifically connect them as in my OP, everything must exert a direct action to another in a linear way.
So where and how do you place them in your mind?

The two letter thing is about the symbol for each element.
For example Boron and Hydrogen have their first letters as their symbols (B, H ), that’s why the android has red fingers and Borat has red gloves, red means the symbol is only the first letter of the name of the element.

In Helium the symbol is the two first letters “He” from Helium, that’s why the female devil has blue horns, blue=two first letters.
Ofcourse some elements have none of the two options, this is just for these 5.

You said about images being vastly overcomplicated, it’s not that I think that “works” for me specifically but I thought theoretically the more detailed one loci the easier to remember?
Is that not the case?

Well, I didn’t know smurfing was a thing, I accidentaly stumbled upon it.
Somewhere else I heard that one room should represent each element, which feels really inefficient.
In one furniture in my room I can hold at least 20 items, I see these tiny people doing these things on my desk.
It’s funny because without mentally moving or even blinking you can see all of those together in one place with one look and go back and forth, I feel it’s much better than the grand scales and hundreds of palaces.

I haven’t tried smurfing myself, depends on how small, currently I feel comfortable with me being regular size and having small loci running around in my room.


Ah, alright. I see. I didn’t realize that was the deal with all the red, blue stuff. I couldn’t see how a red glove related at all to the element, but now that you’ve explained it it makes sense. I usually just know what the symbol is. Especially for very common ones like Hydrogen and Helium. It’s probably best to remain consistent though.

For Beryllium, why 400 berries?

Complicating them to the extent of adding motion, sound, etc is good. Makes them more memorable. Adding more senses helps, or adding humor, or any strong emotion(ie disgust).

Edit: Forgot(ironically) to address your question. I put them in a journey of sorts. It might be good if making a new list like that to connect everything together, link things to make more connections in your mind. But journeys are pretty good.

Why not just 4 berries? You could actually imagine that as opposed to 400…

Anyhow, I’ll answer later. Site is messing up

400= atomic number 4 (:

How would incorporate for example Hydrogen and Helium elements into a journey?

Edit: I hope someone deletes the duplicate replies. Getting some kind of errors.

I suppose a cape of 400 barries sounds more appealing and reasonable compared to 4 berries, I don’t know it just came to that.
But yeah probably it should be more simple, I shoudln’t go to extra steps to extract information.

I deleted the extra ~7 comments. It’s alright, some problems with the website that are being solved.

Sorry, I didn’t see the cape part. I would have him stand on two basketball sized blueberries, and hold two in his hands like pom poms. But to each his own.

Bateman, may I ask what do you use as loci for temporary memories?
I guess you can’t store different things within the same loci and journey.

I have a couple journeys specifically and solely for temporary information. Cards, numbers, or things I want to memorize long-term, but haven’t designated a specific place for yet.

How come you use the same loci for different images, doesn’t that confuse you?

You don’t make the images very detailed, nor very solid. They dissapear within a couple days, or when you replace them with new info.

make sentences like:

Hey, it’s He
The BBC is NOt about FictioNe (the replaces lythium)

I’m no expert at this but I did recently memorize the entire table.

"I’m standing in my driveway and a large torpedo drops out of the sky with a large H on it and hits the field across the road and explodes. I yell “holly crap” --for this forum lol–and notice my voice sounds strange and realize it wasn’t a hydrogen bomb it was a helium bomb. I am totally stressed and have a nervous breakdown and drive to my chiropractor(don’t ask) and he says i’m nuts like my mom who is there laughing in the corner and he tells me I need to be prescribed lithium like my mom. In walks his hot assistant Arlene who is wearing a ring with a very large Aquamarine(form of berl) in it. She talks to me a bit and starts to leave and I panic and she places her hand on my leg and pats it and says there, there…I will “Be” right back. I think i’m in love and decided I need to get in shape and drive to GNC and the clerk hands me a several foot long hammer drill and tells me the magic supplement is behind the wall and when I drill into it a swarm of “B"s come out of it each carrying a pill that they drop in my sack.”

At any rate this is the first attempt i’ve had at memorizing something long(for me) and I now know the whole thing. I’m sure there could be better examples but some of the stuff I am familiar with and those seem to have less detail. For example I already know what Boron is and familiar with gnc and all of that. I’m still shocked that I can remember it all.

Well done,

Its great when you can impress yourself with mnemonics :slight_smile:

keep it up