How would you memorise this?

Can you guys give me any idea how to memorise this:-

I am having some trouble with them.

The problem is I have lot of them to memorise.

What would be your approach?

Make a system

In your given reaction benzene ring has come many times so first you named an unique object
Which you can easily recall.

Example - Benjene (Benjo - bread like food in which egg is mixed)and the shape of benjo is circle so you can easily relate it with benzene.

And you know Hydrogen, nitrogen,methane, H2So4 this type of things has repeated many times in chemical reaction so first you named this .

And then relate it with other objects.

You can use this in naming reaction,chemical compound naming,etc.

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That’s a neat way.

But what about the benzene derivatives, there are lots of them.

The Main problem is that each single reaction has its own unique catalyst or reagent.

Still I will give it a try. As you said.