How would you learn these words? (difficult words)


I’m trying to learn Pali. I’m attempting to use a combination of mnemonics and spaced-repetition. I usually just try to see what the word sounds like and make a little image based on that. But, for some words I can’t seem to come up with anything. Here are some example words which give me trouble:

pahiṇāti - send
udeti - rises; comes out; increases
uḍḍeti - flies; suspends.
obhāsati - illuminates
vālukā - sand
nivāreti - prevents; keeps back; forbids; obstructs.
parivāreti - surrounds; follows.
poseti - nourishes; brings up; takes care of; feeds.
anusāsati - advises; admonishes.
nikkhipati - lays down or aside; puts down; gives up.

As you can see a couple of them are similar. How would you keep these straight in your memory?

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Hello , Im interested in learning languages too.
I think it depends a lot on how something is pronounced.
The first one looks a bit like ‘Pa in a tie’ send him on an errand
Udeti could be rise up the tree
uddeti might be u dangle , the tree (for suspends)
obhasati oh pass a tee light
valuka the looker on the sand sees the ships arrive
nivareti not the right (way) in
poseti im positive this is good for you to eat
parivareti … parry the return and follow through with the raquet
anusasati really looks like a new society perhaps think of a leader of a colony advising them
nikkhipati…we’ll ney keep that tea, its gone bad…put it aside

anyway I hope some of them are useful.

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Wow…these are great!