How was your beginning?

I’m curious on what you did in the beginning? Especially you that now compete or think you really are good at this. What did you do, how much time did you spend, what did you memorise?
How do you evaluate your progress and what would you do different if you would begin all over again?

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I would make a PAO system to start with, it took me years before I started to do this and it has fundamentally changed how I view mind palacing. Being able to store three numbers instead of one in one location or six numbers instead of two just saves so much cognitive load. Also, practice as much as possible, set up some sort of month-long goal to practice on regular intervals. Try to incorporate the mind palace into everything you do, every book you read, youtube video you watch or lecturer you attend is an opportunity to get better.


I started my journey in the world of memory back in the 2016! And it was chaotic,disorganized,confusing at the beginning!! I had trouble to understand where to begin. I also had trouble to make sense of the terms like ‘pegs’,‘link’,‘memory palace’,memory journey,etc.

I thought, “Memory Palace” is all there is to know and use,it is the only thing that will give me super-power memory!! I started to collect “Memory Palace” religiously and obsessively. But now I know,even though Memory Palace is a very important thing,we can get the same ‘effect’ with any type of ‘peg method’. I can easily have 26 ‘loci’ just by using an “Alphabetic Peg”. I don’t need spatial peg like a Memory Palace for that………I can create ‘thousands’ of ‘loci’ without using ‘Memory Palace’!

With two “Alphabetic Peg Systems”,you can easily memorize the main points of the book “48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene! It has got 48 main points/laws/rules to remember. So easy to get. Won’t take much time! :slight_smile:

Also,now I know,I have to develop and encode my own system(which I have been doing). Because a memory system seems to be ‘invidualistic’ in nature. What works for one may not work for another….

For any memory system,the basic is always the same: you must create a framework using which you can link the new information with the old one! That is all there is!

I agree with @mcnallymemory regarding PAO. Understanding PAO is important in memory world. PAO has so many applications. It is amazing!

I use Memory techniques to memorize:

  • Books(non fictions)
  • Office stuffs(I have to memorize codes like this in my job: OATXD56689)
  • Important Events in my life(like Journaling)
  • Functions/Methods of programing(C# mostly)
  • Main points of video lectures,meetings and so on!

I feel my progress has been fun,interesting and satisfying. I might not want to do anything differently if I could begin all over again.

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