how to write fast the memorized information

finally i graduated high school.i did find mnemotechnics quite useful.if i had found this forum earlier or if i had known these techniques a bit early i would have done much better in my finals.but unfortunately i couldn’t.anyways it has been 3 months since i came here and yes it is a bit difficult to apply these techniques for studying the whole syllabus within these three months as a is not that i didn’t work hard but that the time was too short.anyways let me come to my question.i was able to remember almost 80% of the information which i learnt.well that is quite good but the decode the information or the time of retrieval was so would take me a minimum of 5 minutes to complete a journey,which is quite long despite the journey being short.don’t just tell me that i should have practised doing it faster,as you could see that i was having only 3,as a result of which i was thinking hard and traveling most of the journeys very slowly.hence i was not able to complete my exam on time and very sadly i was not given extra most of the questions were left blank inspite of knowing the is very much :frowning: another thing is that i wasn’t able to concentrate on writing faster as i was continuously thinking about some journeys which i forgot the routes due to too much of stress.hope you could understand my problem

Can you please use paragraphs?
And what is the deal with not capitalizing? If you want answers, especially good ones, make the text pleasing to the eyes.

This text is so difficult to read I actually had to read it twice in order to understand your question.

And still I think you meant to ask another question.
Because in all tests there is enough time to write the answers.

So I suspect your question should be ‘how to recall information fast?’.
Isn’t it?

well yes but actually i take more time to recall things than an average person would take