How to Write a Book/Novel in 3 Days

This is a little off-topic, but it might interest people who are interested in productivity techniques:


Wow! thanks for sharing this Josh.

From the TV series Dexter I got a paradigm of a dark passenger who travels with you and make you do things you are not proud of. We all have some dark passenger with us who makes us do things we are not proud of. Tim Urban mentions that person as the instant gratification Monkey who controls our life when we are not at the steering wheel by choice.

This technique of time boxing the project gave me one more idea of a Divine Passenger who travels with us and who is not able to express enough or do not have the focus to manifest enough unless you close yourself in a time box and put pressure on yourself to manifest that inner divinity.

I have found most of my projects done just because of the deadline given for that project. Earlier I used to curse myself for doing things on the 11th hour, but recently I have started believing in the power of that divine passenger and by creating pseudo deadlines like this 3 days project I believe we can really achieve more than we think of ourselves.

Thanks for sharing again.