How to use the major memory system


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Hey, this a quick post. How would i turn the word ‘you’ into a number?

0 = S
1 = T,D
2 = N
3 = M
4 = R
5 = L
6 = sh, ch
7 = K, G
8 = F, V
9 = P, B

So what can i do when i have a word with none of these letters? Like the word ‘you’ or ‘hi’

Thanks, the answer is probably very obvious.

(Josh Cohen) #2

The “traditional” major system is consonant-based. The consonants: w, h, and y are not used. That means that “you” doesn’t fit in the major system, unless you modify the system.


The Major system is for turning numbers into words, not words into numbers.

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Damn. Thanks! I will find a way around it.

(Josh Cohen) #5

Why are you turning words into numbers? My system is designed to allow this to some extent, so maybe I could offer some ideas.

(Qelectron1.6022x10-19) #6

Because i have a good memory for numbers. This means if i incorporate a word such as ‘you’ into x y, z. I can turn those numbers into images.

To be honest i should just use the alphabet. But 26 letters?


I am confused on what you are trying to achieve. Why do you want to turn words into numbers?


Your numeric memory might be good, but you still remember it through an image. What you are doing now is turn a word into a numerical piece of information which you then turn into an image, so basically using a number system to remember a word. Which is much like using a sports car to drive off-road, doable, but you lose all the advantages of the car (and probably break the car). Why not turn the word into an image directly through a word/language system?

In my own system “you” is Uncle Sam (I believe he is called) from the I Want You posters of WWI. I see the word and I see the image right away, no thinking and no convertions required.

As Josh mentioned it can be done, but I leave the judging on how well it works with a customized system, to those who have tried it. :slight_smile: