How to train to memorize 50 words in a minute like memory athletes?

How can I train to memorize 50 words in a minute like memory athletes but for long term and how much time can it take me to be able to memorize 50 words in a minute using the Memory Palace in average if I train for 15 mins a day ?

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Well, when I started I never worry for time, like in how many days I able to do it.

So don’t worry in how many days you will able to do 50.
Start from now. And do consistently.

After 1 week, you will see improvement. And if you do practice daily, 50 isn’t too far away.

Note - In the beginning, try to memorize in your own way, or create your own method for Memorizing . (When you try to create your own way, it will open your imagination)

After that look other people ideas. And then add their concepts in your method


The key for long-term memorisation is recall. You have to recall the words from time to time, less and less frequently : that’s called spaced repetition.

Other than that, yeah, just keep practising regularly and the progress will come naturally. Good luck


There is only the drill for not forgetting all the facts from the short term memory. Repeat the facts after varying time intervals. You must continuously actualize your knowledge and your memory. Only by practicing and drilling you will get fluency and become a professional. Use to begin with the PEG-SYSTEM from Simonides of Kos presented by Harry Lorayne on page 48 ff of HOW TO DEVELOP A SUPER POWER MEMORY. There exist a free PDF in the Internet.