How to think productively?

(Campoy-) #1

Throughout the day I go through my memory palace several times an I get bored but I still want to “think productively” but I am not sure what exactly I should be thinking. I know it depends on the person but what exactly would you guys do?

(Josh Cohen) #2

I have one memory journey that I walk in order to direct my thoughts in certain directions. I placed things there that I want to remember on a regular basis. (I’ll try to write up a detailed explanation of how it works soon.)

If you can come up with a 5-10 general topics or ideas (instead of only specific facts) that you want to think about at various times throughout the day, you can place them in a memory journey and review them any time.

(Campoy-) #3

Thanks, this is a great idea. I look forward to your detailed explanation.

(Simon Luisi) #4

Have you ever tried putting songs or lyrics in your memory castles? If boredom is an issue, songs may help with that.

(Campoy-) #5

Although I am mainly looking for productive things to think about, this is a good idea as well. I try to keep it in mind. Tbh I find myself wanting to remember tv shows or books more than music.

(Simon Luisi) #6

I never had much of an interest in music either but I noticed the importance of rhythm in memory and how top memory people are often experienced in music. One thing I found is that by using the journey to memorize the lyrics, you remember the songs better and it can make you feel good, and pay attention to the sound of things, which is often undervalued in my opinion in developing memory.:bell:


I also look forward to your explanation . . . thank you!