How to speed up

Hi, I started memory sports exactly 1year ago at the age of 59 years. I’m quite happy with all that stuff, and now I’m doing things I never thought to be able to. I can memorize without problems 52 cards, or 30 pictures or 80 numbers, but it seems nearo impossible to speed my performance up. 30 cards in 60 sec.
Some good ideas how to do better ?

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Andrea Muzii (incumbent world memory champion) talks about this at 1:53 in this video. The crux is focusing on speed over accuracy, particularly for cards and numbers. While you may initially get a drop off in recall, this forces your mental process to be more precise, helping both your speed and your accuracy in the long run.

To force yourself to go quicker, try Memory League’s auto advance feature. It’s in each discipline’s training mode under custom