How to remember facts subject wise for MCQ based examination


I have an entrance examination in medicine 3 months from now.
As i know a little about memory palace i am following it for my studies with good results.

How do i memorise?
When i read a particular topic i will think of a movie scene and create locus according to the number of important points and place my points there. But now i found this to be time consuming.
For the past two days i have created memory palace in advance and place my points as i walk through which i find was quick but vague (for eg: mirror and windows in all rooms leading to confusion
Now my question is which is better?
Which will help me in long run?


Well karthy
I understand ur problem and yes it is quite time consuming . well i can tell u a technique which i made by combining memory palace and feymenn technique
So here it goes,
Imagine yourself in your memory palace and place well known person at ur loci and as u walk through ur memory palce imagine they are asking question abt ur point and try to explain them in simplest language like for ex darwin is asking sitting at your sofa and asking about natural selection or bowmann about its function .
Hopecso it will help u

(Josh Cohen) #3

That’s a very interesting idea.