"How To Remember Everything" TV Show


(Josh Cohen) #1

Watch Ben Pridmore and other mental athletes on TV on Wednesday, 30 Nov 2016: How To Remember Everything

The average human brain is capable of remembering four things at a time. So why can some people remember four hundred?

In this one hour documentary we explore the incredible world of competitive memory by following the stories of a group of British hopefuls as they take on the challenge of competing against the world’s leading memory athletes at the World Memory Championships in China.

By following their training, we learn more about the simple techniques that the best mental athletes use to radically boost their ability to memorise anything from strings of numbers thousands of digits long to the order of a full deck of shuffled playing cards in less than 25 seconds.


Very nicely produced video. It didn’t showcase the techniques as much as I would have liked, but it was a fun look at the workings of several talented individuals preparing for the 2014 World Memory Championship.


Is there any VOD or youTube link for that? It seems like the content is available only for iTV subscribers.



Hi Tracy,

Thanks for the link. I’ve checked that as well but thought it was only an image file not mp4. lol
Thanks again.

(Lynne Kelly) #6

Went to the Australian Memory Championships as an observer and arbiter, then watched “How To Remember Everything” and really enjoyed it - getting hooked. I thought that I would only use the memory arts for other stuff. Seems that if I enter (at my mature age) I will be the Australian Senior female champion for any event I qualify in. And set Australian records. May even beat the only senior male. Too tempting!


Excellent! That would be wonderful if you entered some competitions.

(Lynne Kelly) #8

I have started training. I have had to create new memory palaces because all of mine are a bit full and anything I attach stays there. So I need some empty ones which I refresh. Got my PAO for the cards almost under control.Started on the numbers. Oh dear. I think I am going to get hooked!