How to memorizing maximum words per minute

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Please help me to have good control of Random Words memorization. I have tried method of Loci. But the problem is that I am not able to achieve next level.

Please help to strategies new learning Random Words memorization.

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Harvinder SINGH

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How many words do you memorize per location? I personally memorize two words per location. I connect the two words in a story in the location then move on to the next two words, create a story, and place them in the location.

You might want to experiment with how many words you put per location. I know some people do just 1 word, 4 words, and even 6 words per location!


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Thank you for reply.
How to remember abstract words ?
You know words are easy to remember which have pictures like lion, we have image for lion. But like abstract/ intangible words which we don’t have clear picture, eg - leverage, integrity, Insidious, etc


Take it apart and you got “lever” and “age”… thinking of the lever you have to pull in a time machine you travel back should be an image that works, don’t you think?

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What bjoern.gumboldt wrote is something that is really useful! You want to make longer and abstract words into smaller words or sounds that you can create images for.

I also create images based on association. So say you have the word time. Time is abstract because you can’t see it or hold it right? So the images I would create is a clock because a clock tells time. You mentioned the word Integrity. The image I would think of is the 16th USA president Abraham Lincoln because he was about integrity.

Hopefully you can see how association based images create can be helpful when creating images but might not make sense to other people. For abstract images, I either use association based images or break the images into parts that I can create images for!

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You can also just add the word etymology to your google search and you’ll get something like this…


yes, trying to learn different types of tools to enhance memory which could serve me in different situation to learn different types of subjects.