How to memorize species, phylum, and scientific name


I’m not new to the concept of memory palaces, but I’m new to creating and using them. I have a biology test in which I will need to memorize a number of species, their phylum, and their scientific name. Ive tried to create a loci in which I walk through one of the school buildings and Ive places each species doing something related to their name and phylum but Ive run into a couple of difficulties. I often need to use multiple actions of mnemonics for each species so I can remember its name, what it looks like, the two parts of its scientific name, and its phylum. In the end this leads to very hard to remember palaces and its hard to create them in the first place. How do I condense this information per say or is there a better way to structure the memory palace so I can remember this information without so much happening at each locus?