How to memorize scientific concepts, terminology, explanations, and how to extract keywords from a subject

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I am a new member in the forum, a beginner, my name is Aseel, I am preparing for the high school exam.

I do not know which methods of memory should I use to memorize materials (chemistry, physics, poems, literature, biology, arabic، etc.). How much memory palace do I need for all academic subjects?

3- As for scientific concepts, terms and explanations, how do I preserve them? Because I face a big problem in memorizing them 4- Are there other skills that increase the efficiency of education and understanding?
5- How do I save a textbook verbatim? 6- Another question, how do I extract the key words for a topic that I find very difficult in that?

I also find that I spend a lot of time creating a mind map for one lesson. Is there any advice or assistance ?? 7- How do I memorize the word and its synonym (the word and its meaning)

I am sorry if there were some mistakes, I am not good at English and it is not my mother tongue I rewrote his publication due to mistakes :sweat_smile::neutral_face:

Thank you in advance🌺

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Hii Aseel, i think u should use Substitute Method for memorizing materials from such subjects other than memory palace method. TBH i personally do not like memory palace method that much and find Substitute Method more reliable. Anyways for better understanding u can send me something so i can help u with that as an example.

How do substitute method for memorizing works?

are you good in Arabic??
If you are not good at it, please show me an example from you, because I do not know what to write to be an exampleI wanted an example of one of the Arabic language subjects because I find them a little complicated :sweat_smile:
(I am sorry for the spelling mistakes)

Please share an example so i can clear it for u.

I m sorry but i dont know Arabic language. But just take an example there’s a word in english as

Execrate - which means to dislike something or dislike doing something

Here i apply the substitute word system and break the whole word EXECRATE as ‘Eggs In Crate’ (almost similar to the actual pronounciation of the word) and then i make imagination in my mind that ‘I work at a shop where my work is to put eggs in a crate and i dislike it very very much and so I start breaking the crates and throwing eggs here and there.’

I used a substitute word for the main word and memorized its meaning… Same can be applied with other language subjects

I hope that the system is clear to you. However if u face any other problem… Feel free to reach out to me.