How to memorize powerpoints with lists and long abstract discriptions?


Hey guys,

I’ve read several memory books and practice the techniques to prepare for my Masters in Accounting. Despite hundreds of hour of practicing with lists and numbers, I just can’t figure out a way to memorize these power point slides for my auditing class. They’re wordy, abstract and really hard to form visuals for, there’s repeated terms in different powerpoints, creating overlap and tons of slides. Please help me find a way!!! Here’s a sample of the stuff on my final that I’m taking on Friday.

Factors to consider in determine the need for IT professional

-Complexity of systems and IT controls
-Significant changes made to systems
-Data shared among systems
-Participation in electronic commerce
-Use of emerging technologies
-Audit evidence available only in electronic form

Understand where IT is used to prepare financial statements
-Enter transactions in G/L or subsidiary ledgers
-Initiate, authorize, record, and process journal entries
-Initiate and record recurring and nonrecurring journal entries
-Combine and consolidate G/L data
-Prepare financial statements

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Sorry, I didn’t see your message before now. How did it go?

It’s difficult to come up with ideas for images without seeing the slides. If you link to examples, maybe people could brainstorm ideas for next time.

I’ve used memory palace for presentations, but the slides were fairly simple with only an image or two per slide/location. If there is a difficult, important presentation with short notice, I’d use index cards and create mnemonic images while I practice in order to be able to use the cards as little as possible. If it goes well enough in practice, then just don’t pick up the cards during the presentation.


Take notes, eliminate repeated info, or info that you already know, create standardized images for most common terms ie;G/L, and memorize the notes.



Hey, thanks for the feedback. Problem with that one was that it was so hard to create visuals for topics such as audit work papers and auditing standards on internal general controls. I had to just do it the normal way by just looking and repeating. I did okay in the class but hope to use more effective techniques in the future. Man that test was tough!