How to memorize lot of information - 1500 topics x 10 books

Hi guys! Im starting training my memory to memorize a huge amount of informations, so I need your help, please!

Can someone teach me a way to memorize 1500 topics of each of 10 books (total 15000 topics) I have to study? How can I get locis for so many points? Does anyone have a suggestion? The closest I found to this was the Bateman manual (guide to memorizing a book) but I don’t know how many palaces I will need and I don’t even know if I could create so many.

I know the palace method. I have 00-99 images.

I apreciate any help.

Ps: english isn’t my first language. Sorry spelling mistakes


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Don’t use a memory palace for all 15000 topics. Just use a memory palace for things you have a hard time remembering.

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