How to Memorize Literature Using Memory Techniques

Hi All, I am going to memorize more than 1000+ literature MCQ type questions for exam. I have only 1 month. I want know how to memorize MCQ type questions using memory techniques. As Number of questions are more than 1000+ , which method will be easy to memorize them. Here I am giving some example of questions and answers----

Objective Question-Answers – English Literature

  1. Chaucer lived during the reigns of – Edward III, Richard II and Henry IV

  2. Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales was written in – 1385 onwards

  3. Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales belongs to – 3rd Period of Chaucer’s literary career

  4. Norman Conquest took place in – 1066 (11th Century)

  5. Wyclif’s Bible was published in – 1380

  6. William Langland’s The Vision of William concerning Piers the Plowman was written in – 1362-90

  7. The Travels of Sir John Maundeville was published in - 1400

  8. The Hundred Years’ War was begun in – 1338 (14th Century)

  9. The Hundred Years’ War was fought between – England and France

  10. Wat Tyler’s Rebellion took place in - 1381

  11. The War of Roses was fought between – The House of York and the House of Lancaster

  12. The War of Roses was fought during the period – 1455-86

  13. Thomas Malory’s Morte De Arthur was written in – 1470 (published in 1485)

  14. Caxton’s Printing Press was set up in – 1485

  15. Thomas More’s Utopia was published in – 1516 (Latin), 1551 (English)

  16. The First English Comedy, Roister Doister was written in – 1550

  17. Roister Doister was written by – Nicholas Udall

  18. The First English Tragedy, Gorboduc was written in – 1561

  19. Gorboduc was written by – Thomas Sackville, Lord of Buckhurst & Thomas Norton

  20. Tottel’s Miscellancy was published in - 1557

  21. Queen Elizabeth ascended the throne of England in – 1558

  22. Globe Theatre was built in – 1599

  23. The Elizabethan Age covers the period – 1558-1602

  24. The leader of University Wits was – Christopher Marlowe

  25. Marlowe’s first tragedy was – Tamburlaine the Great (1587)

  26. Shakespeare wrote – 37 plays

  27. Dryden’s All for Love is based on Shakespeare’s – Antony and Cleopatra

  28. Shakespeare’s Sonnets were published in – 1609

  29. The hero of Spenser’s Faerie Queene is - King Arthur

  30. Spenser’s Faerie Queene is dedicated to – Queen Elizabeth

  31. Spenser dedicated his Shephearde’s Calendar to – Philip Sydney

  32. John Lyly’s Euphues, the Anatomy of Wit was published in 1579 and was contemporary with – Shepheardes Calender.

  33. White Devil and Duchess of Malfi were written by – John Webester

  34. Ben Jonson’s first play Every Man in his Humour was published in – 1598

  35. Ben Jonson is known for his – Comedy of Humours

  36. Ben Jonson’s play written wholly in prose – Bartholomew Fair

  37. Bacon’s essays are written in – Aphoristic style

  38. Bacon wrote essays in all – 106 essays (1st, 2nd, 3rd Edition – 10, 38, 58 essays)

  39. Authorised version of the Bible - 1611

  40. The leader of Metaphysical School of Poets was – Henery Vaughan

  41. The term ‘Augustan’ was first applied to school of Poets by – Dr. Johnson

  42. The intellectual father of French Revolution – Rousseau

  43. Lyrical Ballads was published in – 1798

  44. The leader of the Pre-Raphaelite in England was – D.G. Rossetti

  45. The founder of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood in England – William Holman Hunt

  46. The originator of the Oxford Movement was – John Keble

  47. The phrase ‘Stream of Consciousness’ is associated with – James Joyce

  48. The Hero of Homer’s Iliad is – Achilles

  49. Pope’s Rape of the Lock contains – Five Cantos

  50. A Ballad stanza generally contains – Four lines

  51. The greatest Epic in English is written by – Milton

  52. The next in command after Satan in Paradise Lost is – Beelzebub

  53. The meaning of L’Allegro is – A cheerful man

  54. A Pastoral Elegy written by Shelley on the death of Keats – Adonais

  55. Everyman a famous play of 15th Century was a – Morality Play

  56. The villain in Duchess of Malfi is – Bosola

  57. Dryden’s plays in general are called – Heroic Plays

  58. The last play written by Shakespeare is – The Tempest

  59. Andrea Del Sarto in Browning’s Dramatic Monologue was – A renowned Painter

  60. Rabbi Ben Ezra was a – real Jewish Scholar

  61. The phrase ‘Stormy Sisterhood’ is applied to – Bronte Sisters

  62. Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world – Shelley

  63. In Memory of W.B. Yeats is written by – W. H. Auden

  64. Thomas Gray’s Elegy Written in Country Churchyard is written in – Iambic Pentameter Quatrains

  65. Galsworthy’s Silver Box is a satire on – the System of Legal Trial

  66. “I heartily hate and detest that animal called Man” – Swift to Pope about Gulliver’s Travel

  67. Riders to the Sea, a One-Act tragedy is written by – J. M. Synge

  68. T. S. Eliot’s Murder in the Cathedral is a – Poetic Play

  69. The Biography of Dr. Johnson is written by – James Boswell

  70. The phrase ‘religion of the blood’ is associated with – D. H. Lawrence

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