How to memorize deck of cards

1.) to learn a deck of cards within 25 or 20 seconds which sytem is best ?
2.) is pao sytem waste of time to learn a deck of cards withn 20 seconds ,lance told me?
3.) if ben sytem or shadow sytem could anyone explian it by simplifying because i didnt understood?
4.) what time *(average) it takes to master deck of cards in 30 seconds?

I see you posted the same question here a few times, I would ask you to stick to one. If you don’t get an answer right away, please wait or post in the old topic again to draw attention to it.

To answer your questions:

Wahtever you prefer, but sub-20 seconds is top league stuff. I have done mnemonics for a few years now and I am not even there yet.

No system is a waste of time, some systems just take more time to learn.

Start practicing with simpler systems first and you will understand the harder ones when you get experience. Wanting to learn those now is running before you can walk, even before you tried to crawl.


With one notable exception: Nightwalker did it in three months (a couple hundred posts into that thread). :slight_smile:

years ! —not a responsible answer

why not?

Let me eleborate then.

You asked two things in that one question, one about getting sub-30 seconds and one about mastering it. Mastering (to me) is a consistent sub-30 seconds time.

There are people who can do it faster, some can get there in months, but those are the 5% who can master it quickly, chances are that you are not. If you are, then you are lucky; rather than being unlucky if you are not. Either way, if you want someone to get your hopes up, I am not the right person. I rather tell you to practice for two years and then see you do it in two months than the other way around.

Lets again look at what you are asking, sub-30. That is two cards every second consistently for 30 seconds long. For that you have three things you need to master:

  • The images you use for the cards
  • The method you use to memorize the order
  • The placing of the images inside that method

Your post gave me the feeling that you don’t have a system for cards just yet, so that is something you have to learn. You also have to be comfortable with your memory palace, pegs or story so you won’t forget the order. You also have half a second per card to think of, and place, the image. That is a lot to be done, especially if you also want to practice other disciplines.

Should you focus fully on cards, then you can do it within a year. But as I said, I am not one to get your hopes up only to see them fall down. Just look at the ranking on the wiki ( and see how few are under 30 seconds, and I believe half of those are competing in the world championships. It is a tough feat.

i am optimistic towards my goal of achieving sub 30 seconds within 2 months
but just wandering in search of + and - points of evry sytem then to decide which would one i be suited . thnks for your supplementary answers and comprehensive answers ,by the way i am interested in your memory feat do you also compete in wmc or either you are memory athelete jor just a advisor and observer.

I competed only in a local competition in my country. Maybe if the european competitions come to the Netherlands I’ll give those a try, because the one I was in was a great disappointment. One of the disciplines was literally “memorize these 10 digits”.

Aside from that, I am more of a researcher. I try a lot of things that I don’t see people do yet, and see how I can make them work, to really see how much the mind can actually do.

It took me 7 years to get under 30 seconds - although in my defence, that wasn’t my main goal…

The “Ben system” is a little difficult to explain and adapt for non-English-speakers; I suggest finding something that works for you, rather than struggling to understand another person’s system. Good luck!