How to memorize concepts/sentences



I’m studing English grammar and I’d like to memorize when you use a tense. For example:

Present Simple is used:

  1. to talk about regular habits or repeated actions
  2. to talk about permanent situations
  3. to talk about facts or generally accepted truths
  4. to give instructions and directions
  5. to tell stories and talk about films, books and plays
  6. to talk about the future when an event is on a schedule or at a fixed time

I’ve been usig the memory palace to remember words but I wasn’t able to apply to these sentences. Just take the first one, “Regular habits and repeated actions” is to abstract.

I’m sure I’m missing something here, so any advice is very welcomed.

Kind Regards

(Werner Peters) #2

Im a beginner myself, but for that first one I would use a habit that I have or a regular action that I do, exaggerate it or make it memorable somehow and hook it up to a location in your mem pal,