How to memorize card

How to memorize card, i buy physical card recently, just to explore how to memorize it👍🏻
Or how many minutes it standar for good time, or how your time, i just start from major system, and memory palace, and now start to buile card system

You can use your existing major system for 00-99

In competition the time limit is 5 minutes.

There are any number of good videos online which will teach you how to memorize a deck of cards. Personally, when I started, I started out by adapting Ron White’s system which is easy to learn but will not give you the speeds that a PAO will.

He’s got a major system already… following Ron’s Super Beginners Method would be a waste of time.

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Not necessarily, I too had a Major and MPs before I started with Ron’s system. Once i had used his association style for the court cards I then was ready to use the Major for the rest. Some of us just need a little longer, y’know? Even now when I am working up to a full PAO for cards I am still using the characters for the court cards I devised with RW’s plan.

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I already make convertion card to number,
But I found PAO really make memorable
So on youtube i watch people make pao from major system
First i learn major system, i cant memorize all in one day, still now i lookup for major system,
Now from card memorization i want to store my PAO in sphreadsheet, convertion card to number and image is long too