How to memorize abstract figures

Hi, can anyone help me memorizing abstract figures (20) within 4 minutes. Have no idea how to convert those figures into objects which I can use in my palace.
Thanks, Tom

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In this example the are a couple of ways to differentiate between the images:

  • place of the dark part;
  • shape of the whole picture;
  • angle of the object.


  • upper left picture: a bag pack with milk cartons, the left being chocolate milk (think left on the political spectrum -> in favour of diversity, so a dark coloured milk carton on the left);
  • 2nd picture of first row; a boxing glove that has been used by Mike Tyson in a fight against a taller opponent, so therefore he gave a right hand uppercut punch resulting in a blood stain at the top of the glove;
  • last picture of second row: someone with a string bikini bottom who is diving into the swimming pool in a foetus position (looking from the back);
  • 1st picture of last row; the super aerodynamic (space) helmet of Lance Armstrong (not to be confused with his brother Neil) used in a time trial in the Tour de France.

Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

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Maybe think of the black blob in terms of North, North East, East, South East… Etc. Also maybe have a Right and Left and a middle. Have some way to encode— North,East,West…Etc.

First image on your sheet would be southwest. Second northwest. Third southeast. Fourth south east middle.

Fifth image is a problem because it would be North West again. Maybe describe the shape as an image. Looks like a stingray to me. Stingray in the Northwest. 2nd image looks like a triangle… Triangle in the Northwest.

You could maybe consider imposing a clock face on this object and getting a time or two times. First image might be 7 o’clock and 9 o’clock. So 79. Second 9 and 12. So 912 or 09 & 12

You could break into minutes if you start getting duplicates.

There is my quick two cents. Let us know what you figured out.

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Still thinking here. You could think of a box with 9 boxes in it. 3 boxes for 1st row and 3 for the 2nd and 3 for the 3rd. Stick this 9 box structure on top of the object. The black blob should fall in on of the boxes. The describe the shape somehow… Stingray, Kite…

So the first object would be a 7 and maybe a candy corn. Second object would be a 1 and a music triangle. Third object would be 9 and a basil leaf.Fourth object would be 5 or an 8 and maybe a sailboat sail.

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Guys thanks so much so far for the ideas. Keep in mind when being tested on these figures the test will alter the order of the figures randomly.

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