How to memorize a textbook


So, after some time thinking, I have relegated to this idea.

Before I mentioned my memory palace with a crazy amount of rooms.
I will try it again but differently.
I am making different sections and trying it that way.

On the ride side, it is going from 1-1,048
and room 1 will be section 1.1 from my biostatstics book.
The points I want to remember, I will create that many loci in the room for each chapter section.
Since there is 14 chapters, and at most 13 sections in each chapter, I estimate for one book, it will take 182 rooms.
This means I can, in theory, hold about 11 books.
This is assuming they are all as information dense, but I don’t imagine them to be.

I am going to study and meditate.

Also, There is an idea I was kicking around.
I wanted to learn how to lucid dream so that, with the memory palace, you can study in your sleep.
So you can turn, 1/3 of your life into studying or something else you find interesting.
If someone can point me in the right direction, or knows something about this let me know.


Hello I am getting use to 00-99 and 000-999 memory system. My problem is with the bible and other textbooks.I am a medical student.can anyone help and explain how I can memorise the Bible and a text book? I will be grateful


Below is a link of the process I am starting to use:
And I will also post a picture of how my notes look:

But I definitely understand what you mean and that is how I am breaking it down now.
But I am going chapter by chapter, subsection by subsection.
So like each of the subsections have a room and in the room can have 40-50 loci per subsection. The loci are paragraph based and depends if I need to know that information.

So door one would be like Chapter 1, section 1.1. You open and inside are 3-5 loci to stand for what I want to remember.
This should have the least compared to the rest of the chapter because they try not to be as information dense as the rest of the chapters.

So far it feels like it is working well, by breaking everything down by paragraph and making them single bullet points, it is a lot easier to understand, and may not even need the memory palace, but it is nicer for organization.

But again, this is how I plan to attempt it, but that doesn’t mean it will work.
My knowledge on this subject is very limited.


Lucid dreaming is an awesome way to maximise your time. I believe The key the lucidity is awareness and hear that meditating 20+ mins before bed greatly increases chances of a lucid dream.

To memorise a book you could make each place represent a chapter and each loci represents a key point, then link the point to other points.

Loci 1- key word - link, link, link(page)
Loci 2 key word - link, link, link(page)
Loci 3 key word - link, link link (page)