How to memorize a site like w3schools and become good at programing?


How do I do with memorization so that you can memorize and put in your head a site like W3schools. A lot of people use it for learning programming.

But can you memorize those algorithmic structures and when you need a security algorithm or a sorting algorithm just recall it like magic and be able to apply it and put it in the computer and write good code.

Can you do this better than someone who has been a programmer for years. Can knowing that help you to dramatically reduce the number of bugging errors and write sinuously code?

Probably makes more sense to work the examples. You don’t learn playing the piano my memorizing music theory. Neither do you learn how to write a novel by memorizing the alphabet.

Well, algorithms you’d understand/memorize without a specific language behind it, so that you can use them in other languages as well. Also, as far as sorting is concerned, they pretty much have their mnemonic build-in… bubble sort, heap sort, merge sort, etc…

That said, most languages have something like Array.sort() or Array.sorted anyway. The same is true for code completion and storing common code snippets in your IDE. Of course, you put some of your own “library” as you develop it over the years into your head… but a good chunk is also the knowledge where to find stuff.

No… maybe also refer to a similar post you’ve created before on this forum