How to memorize a report?

I mean I’ve a report and i need to memorize it word by word do you have any ideas about how to make it?

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How long is the report? Does it contain numbers, graphical information, tables, names?

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It almost has all these things
It’s something like a presentation about microbiology it contains a lot of data
I tried to chunck it but it’s useless
Specially my prof. Is difficult and wanna it like the written copy

Memorising a report verbatim is hardly ever needed. Usually you want to memorise the key points, not the whole thing. I would suggest you mind map the main points of the report. Tony Buzan’s The Mind Map Book and Mind Map Mastery will help you in that endeavour. I would then suggest that you use a memory palace to memorise the more technical parts of the report like the numbers, names, tables, etc. There are a great deal of people on these forums who will help you with that.

I know it’s difficult and i see that’s pointless but my mad professor want it that way :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
I posted here as i know thatin memory competitions there is a part about memorizing poets so i just wanted to know how the competitors do it

Memorising textbooks is completely different from memorising poetry. Unless you are very proficient in memory, memorising textbooks is an impossible and useless exercise. If your professor expects you to memorise the report verbatim, he is setting you an impossible task. Mind maps are your best bet.

Sorry if I came on a little strong there

It’s ok i know it’s difficult and useless :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
Just i thought that it may work as poetry

half useless original method that kind of works for this :
If you have
[sentence 1]
[sentence 2]
and you can recall both individually verbally without looking at them.
You take the end of sentence one and the start of sentence 2. Then repeat them as quickly as you can 5-10 times, then recall sentence 1, and you will naturally recall the start of sentence 2. If you could recall sentence 1 individually and sentence 2 individually you will be able to recall the entire block of sentence 1 and 2. You do this with block 1-2 and sentence 3 and so on.

This is a bad method but it works.

Lets see bad method #2 , this one I didn’t make but I believe it went like this :

You write out all the first letters of the words, then you read the words a bit and afterwards try to upon seeing the letters recall the words in the sentences completely. When you become able to do this, try removing letters gradually with empty spaces, until you can recall the text without any letters.

Regardless, if you can do it when seeing the letters you can just store the letters in the memory palace.

The reason they are bad methods and I suppose the reason I am sharing bad methods is because there are still few if any optimal methods so far.

What’s the best method to memorize poetry
It’s the same boring thing as my report
May be if i know how to do it with poetry i can do the same with my stupid report has more information on poetry & memory techniques. This forum likely has too if you search for poetry.

Poetry is different because of the structure. I would say poetry is easier to memorize in the same sense that a song is easier to learn than a text on a word per word basis.

You can try putting a recording of the report (verbally) in the background and listening to that. If you can learn the report without actively doing it then there is no better method, at least for now.

You can also try the bad methods I listed. I did say they are bad but they aren’t entirely useless. It depends on how you find them.

How many words does the report have?

Here is how I memorize poetry.

An example:

I will take the first line, and imagine a snake slithering around, in my first locus,
Then I take the second and imagine a huge heart, shedding its skin and I will put that in my second locus.

Then I will imagine myself holding the heart in my hands, dripping honey and blood. I will put that in my third locus.

As you can see, this only works because poetry can be chunked up into a myriad of short lines. It also is very vivid, so making images is pretty easy.

Hope this helps

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