How to memorize a PAO system?

I just finished my PAO list (00-99) and I can’t decide how to go about memorizing it. My most preferred method would be memorizing 20 everyday and every third day revise them.
For example:
Monday = +20 new digits

Tuesday = +20 new digits

Wednesday = Revision of the 40 digits

Thursday = +20 new digits

And so on…
Is there an alternative method to this which you think is more efficient and more effective?
How did you memorize your PAO?

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To remember the major system I used spaced repetition that worked pretty well to remember the images in itself but training to use them in actual situationis also really important imo

I have been using Anki, applying it gradually to the deck of cards while i was associating the people with each card. Then start to remove the subvocalization asap since it slows you down a lot, just associate the number with the person, action and object without saying the name in your mind. This is personal, but sometimes i check every number only for the person, the action or the object without making the 6 digits, just to see if i can associate the action or the object as fast as the person ( that usually is the fastest one in the initial memorization).
Ps. you are gonna change a lot of people, actions and objects during this process so change the images that don’t work as soon as you can :slight_smile:

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