How to memorize a nested list?

Hi everyone, I’m newer to mnemonics and I’m not sure the best way to memorize grammar/word/sentence rules in Arabic. I need to memorize the following list of rules. What ways do you think are the best for learning this list? I understand that many people like to say “just try it first and then you’ll know”. I’m asking this for the sake of hearing different perspectives and so I don’t have to waste time trying to test. That’s not efficient. If someone gives a compelling suggestion it follows that I will try that suggestion first.

How would you best memorize this list?

Ignore the very last word “Imperative”. As you can see, this is an extensive list of lists. I have not included all the rules for the various verb forms since the list would be way too long. There are also many rules for each of those. Thoughts?


For table of contents like this I simply start by placing one keyword that comes to mind per location in a palace.

id repeat title of section at the end sort of like parantheses instead of the tabulation you have there.

Example : Id place Irene to open up my Irregular and right after c. Exceptions place Irene again.

I’d exclude anything unnecessary on the long term and update it as I go through it, adding an image for second keyword, etc


Just nest your memory palace accordingly. The highest level could be different cities, the next level streets in those cities, then houses on those streets, and lastly rooms in those houses. Similar to how this table of contents is set up (just more deeply nested):


Question 1: I notice that the list starts:

1 Conjugation
. . . . . . a. Present Tense
. . . . . . . . . . i. . . . .

So “1” is “Conjugation”. What are “2”, “3” and so on?

Here’s the reason that I’m asking. The guys could produce a good method for what you have. But the template might explode if you then add item “2”, and so on.

Question 2: What is the “Imperative” hanging off the foot of your example? (After “f”.)

Should that actually be:

1 Conjugation
. . . . . . a. Present Tense
. . . . . . . . . . i. . . . .
. . . . . . b. Imperative


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@OldGrantonian, the imperative should have been exactly like you’ve listed it. As for Item 2 and 3, I actually don’t have anything. I think I just used that as more of a way to lump the rules into a more specific category. The only thing I have before conjugation is “Verbs”.

So I have the Master list (rules for each element) that goes like this. Verbs has the most rules in it.

- Sentences
- Adjectives
- Verbs
    1. Conjugation
- Prepositions
- Nouns