How to memorize a biology book?

Hello everyone!

What is the best way to memorize a biology book?

I have an exam in a week and I want to know how to memorize bacteria and its properties for example. Any ideas? Thanks!

I’m also new to memory techniques so please treat me as a newbie.

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Have you seen the how to memorize a book page? See also, how to memorize a textbook.

As it is over a week since your post now, I do think the most common advice in the world would be in place: start in time.
Asking for something you need to know and master to study for a test you’ll have in a week, is like buying ingredients for a meal you are currently cooking, especially given that people here reply when they can, not when they are needed.

That being said, with a memory palace and a vivid imagination you can memorize most of the things out there. More complex things could use the links Josh posted, but my experience is that most things can just be put in a memory palace using on the spot imagined images.

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I love the link Josh gives, but have found that so many people are unlikely to create 300 loci in advance.

Plus, you mention that you want to memorize bacteria - how many strains? If that number is 300, there are ways to link material together that would reduce the need for 300 stations. You just wouldn’t necessarily know in advance how many stations you need without some practice.

In my own work, I tend to create either just as many as I need or more. I almost always never wind up using them all.

Perhaps in the future, schools will include mnemonics as a subject and people will have that Memory Palaces sufficient for use ready to go at all times (apparently they’re doing something like this in Mongolia in some parts of their school system).

For myself, I used to memorize material from dense books very strategically.