How to memorise the body parts of Amoeba

I am creating a mnemonic (mnemonic is a tool to learn list of words, names etc, etc.) to learn the body parts of amoeba .
Mnemonic - A MEN FACE
Explain - A - Amoeba
1.M- Mitochondria
2.E - Endoplasm
3. N - Nucleus
4&5.F - Food vacuole, Contractile vacuole
6. A - Advancing pseudoped
7. C - Crystals
8. E - Ectoplasm .
Thank you, for read my post.
This is my first post in this website.


make the amoeba into a memory palace, faster in my opinion. Just mentally go into it You know :wink:

When you hear the name amoeba, just see the organism, and you see that it has A MEN’s FACE up front perhaps, the big circle has a brain in it meaning it is important, then it booms like a nuclear bomb. Basically keep the part’s function animation first, the name of the part as the last animation (just use a single image as remainder for name, if too long, just break the name down, and use an image to represent that animation, have fun thanks for…reading? XD)


Why are you even creating a acronym mnemonic for diagram? I think the diagram itself is pretty easy to memorise.

I would prefer you to draw and practice the diagram. Don’t get so indulged into memory techniques that you start using them on learning every piece of information that could be otherwise done simply.

Which class are you in?


Will you gotta try before you know you know. Memory technique allows for single review and it becomes long term, hence the advantage.


Many reasons. I for one would still put this in a palace and play around with it with different techniques. You are wrong to say it’s any less simpler, because for me, it simply is just as simple with or without memory techniques, and I’m not that special :wink: but thank you for noticing I am a bit special.

And I am in kindergarten class, you curious, that good quality :grin: have you.

Whatever gets you there ! :ramen:And we’re all experimenting and I find this diagram a great one to use with techniques, playing around, thinking of it with different perspective s . all good stuff in my experience.

Whatever works


P.s often times we are trying memory techniques to experiment, and/or to grow are skills or simply BECAUSE the way it’s presented to us just doesn’t do it for us at that moment, no matter how simple it is.

But that’s just my simple opinion based on my simple personal experience and a lot of what I see around here and elsewhere.


What I am actually trying to say is that Memory techniques are there to aid your memory not to use it for your memory.

For example if I learn how to drive a car doesn’t means I will always use my car. Even to go places that takes a 2 to 5 minute walk.

Similarly memory techniques must be used for challenging and long lists and things to memorise where it is required, it is not useful to use it in almost everything.

This is the mistake many people make, they apply these techniques in easy stuff that gets memorised later due to practice.

Even memory champions like Alex Mullen said while studying medical science, he never needed most of palaces he made later since most of the material was simple and learnt by him during practice.

I am saying because I learnt the exact same diagram when I was in 8th class/standard and I didn’t knew about memory techniques back then.

What I did was I drew the diagram and labelled the parts. I was always wondering like how would a amoeba look like? Or what is the function of the contractile vacuole? And these things are important for actual learning of the material.

Even today if you ask me too draw this diagram, I can draw it almost instantly, labelling all parts and defining their functions.without any effort.

But I never used any Memory technique for it.

Well said Cameri, the indigenous people of Australia used it pretty much for every thing even dances! And they use memory palaces ranging from the grand scale of the landscape (miles after miles after miles) to the mini-palace version such as hand tools. Medieval monks are highly respected because they can remember books after books all using memory techniques and not wrote memory. I believe all of our ancestors used it hence why we are so good at using visual memory ^.^

And you are freaken special Cameri, such awsome and heart warming speech you made :wink:


Vertexion , I created this mnemonic when I was in class 6th. In those days when I learn biology diagram I always forgot it. So I always made a mnemonic for that and From childhood I like maths and always my concentration is in maths and biology drawing is tough for me.
But I was capable to learn diagrams .
So I share this mnemonic for all readers for knowledge.

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