How to memorise MIDI that can download from online?



Could you tell me if anyone know which memory technique is the most effective and effortless?

(Josh Cohen) #2

Could you link to a few examples? I’m not very familiar with MIDI. Are you trying to memorize how music files sound or how to reproduce them from memory?


Here is example.Is this image could be reference?

(Josh Cohen) #4

How do you want to recall the information? Do you mean that you want to be able to recreate that MIDI file from memory by learning each note?


Yes,It`s mean like that.

(Josh Cohen) #6

I haven’t tried something like that before.

Do you play an instrument? I wonder if it would be easier to memorize by learning how to play it than by trying to use some kind of complex mnemonic system.


Ok. I wiill try to it with another way. Thank you for some replies.