How to memorise a list of network ports

Hello, so I tried to memorise list of network ports.basically it is a number and a name of port

80 is like TCP
1396 is something else and like that.
I was trying to use the peg method and remember the actual numbers and definitions of the port. So I was linking all 3 together. Its was really hard,and I wasnt successful. Any advice please?? Thanks

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Do you have a number system yet, like the major system? (If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a free ebook that introduces number systems.)

I would make images for the port numbers and then an image for the fact to remember (like TCP) and then link the two.

Peg Peg Image Fact Fact Image
21 aNTelope FTP I’d picture my old FTP program (Filezilla)
22 oNioN SSH Someone saying “shhhh” or a padlock
80 ViSor HTTP A web server

Then link the two images:

  • Antelope + Filezilla
  • Onion + padlock
  • Visor + web server

If you aren’t memorizing every single number, and you want to keep them in order, you could place the linked images in a memory palace.

If you’re still having trouble, post more details about what you’ve tried, and we could brainstorm ideas.

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so i used nelson dellis book, e had a number system, up to a 100 and had word attached to it. the problem was i was memorizing 3 things, like prt 81 and lets say FTP for example. i was linking all 3 things together, i was took the alphabet peg method and was trying to connect all 3. it was really difficult. im not memorizing them now,its just been bothering me.

so are you saying dont use the peg method?just use major? that makes sense now. problem is i havent memorized any systems yet. cause the dillema was i was memorizing 3 things,and the fact that i didnt have a system made it harder.

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