How to manage palaces for training

Hey, I’m getting started with memory palaces (I’m focusing on random words for now) and I was wondering, How do you manage palaces for training?

I’ve been told you should not re-use palaces, but if that is the case I don’t see how I can ever make enough! I’m a noobie and I’m already using 5 palaces a day in training. right now I’m reusing the same palace, which leads to some problems. Like trying to recall a locus and all I can recall is the object I placed last round, or similar.

Would also like some pointers to resources if you know them, I’ve went through and while Alex gives some great tips, I still don’t understand where I should get all my palaces for practice from.

Sorry if this made no sense, I’m really new to this :slight_smile:


You can reuse palaces as often as you want. If you use a palace to memorize random words today, you might still have “ghost images” tomorrow. So you could use it today, have a break of 48 hours and then use the palace again with no problem (unless you made the images so strong that it takes longer to fade away). You’ll have to figure out for yourself how long the images take to fade away, it might take longer than 2 days if your images are strong. Just try to not review the images, otherwise you’re stuck with them for much longer (which is of course what you’d like with meaningful information, but not with random words).

For me the different disciplines on memory league have different “cooldown-times” for my palaces:

  • Words at least 48 hours
  • Numbers at leat 24 hours
  • Images, a few minutes (the old images don’t seem to bother me very much, so I can basically reuse the palace right away)
  • cards at least 24 hours

I reused my memory palace after 1 to 2 hours in any games like numbers , words ,cards etc.


Which is a very good point… you could use the journey backwards though and basically alternate every time you use that particular journey. That helps a little bit because the moving from one location to the next tends to trigger the image to recall a little bit.


The only time you don’t reuse a palace is when you are learning useful information because of the problem you ran into. You don’t want to mix up the images from didn’t sources of info.

But competition training is different. You should build a stockpile of memory palaces so you can cycle through them until the images from previous attempts disappear. You need to reuse palaces because you can’t create palaces fast enough to replace the ones you use. You also figure out which palaces work out for you when you reuse them.

You learn palace A works better for cards than palace B. You can create palaces from games, movies, stores, parks, libraries, and even make them up (I think this option is personally hard). As long as the palace feels good to you that is all that matters.



Thanks for the advice! Yeah for me it takes 1-2 days to forget ghost images from words, I’ll start stockpiling palaces :smiley:

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