How to make money from memory technique?

Have anybody thought of gaining money through memory apart from competitions, ideas?


Some people offer workshops to the public and presentations to companies.


There are some who makes a good living out of it but most of them have won either a championship or an event that may have been featured on a TV show. And then there are some who has never won a championship but sells video courses and books on the subject. A lot of these people who sells courses and books are members to this forum. Most also have training videos on memory improvements on their youtube channel.

Then there are those like myself who do it for the love of it. For free :slight_smile:
I’ve been recently invited to a University in my city to create a few workshops or seminars on the subject. This came about when I did a quick demo on numbers memory to some of the students. Without going into the details I volunteered to do this for free, and since it was going to cost them nothing they were very interested.
I’m not sure if they’d take this further if each student had to pay for it. However I don’t really care if there is no money involved as I do it for the love of it.
Now if this leads me to provide a paid workshops it would just be a nice bonus.

I think that to make decent money in this requires a lot of hard work and a lot time in your hand. I think you also need to be a likeable character with perhaps a unique method that would make you stand out. I think it’s a long journey to really make decent money from using memory skills presented in many ways.


There are those who will sell training, coaching etc as the obvious thing. If however you are looking for value propositions. If you are in sales, start remembering your customers. Use your memory as an advantage to selling whatever you are selling. If you limit yourself to thinking of mnemonics as the product then you are probably missing out on an infinite number of opportunities.


Teaching memory improvement, entertainment and being good at your job seem to be the most common ways to profit.

In the past you could count cards at casinos but nowadays they’ll kick you out.


Um… Many people have!

Some present talks on memory techniques tailored to specific audiences (students/business/etc.), some are in more of the self-help/actualization space, some use memory techniques for gambling, and many write books and offer seminars and paid online instruction.

Ed Cooke is a perfect example of this, creating a language-learning company—Memrise—that has proven memory techniques as its underlying foundation. No one who signs up to learn a language via Memrise is being sold “memory techniques,” but Ed is using what he’s learned as a memory competitor, coach, and speaker to advance language learning. He could easily write another book (he’s the author of the fantastic Remember, Remember) or coast on the fact that he’s the coach who led Joshua Foer to win the U.S. memory championship after one year of training. He went somewhere new.

And look at the career of Yanjaa Wintersoul. She’s leveraged her exposure as a memory champion to book dozens of TV appearances and launch a career as an actor. (I wish Yanjaa got more love here, actually. I’m surprised her name isn’t mentioned a lot more, especially since she’s one of the few women who are visible in the competitive memory world.)




Walk like a drunk in bars and make bets against unadvised people… Haha…



Make money from memory techniques is a little bit more like startup.
We need to solve other problem, maybe entertain other like yanja wintersoul is some point to make memory techniques make people happy

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Oh yes, with her ‘explosion in a Ribena factory’ hair she is nothing if not visible :stuck_out_tongue: But I too have wondered why she gets very little ‘love’ (as you put it) here, especially when compared to Dr.Lynne Kelly . I’m guessing that is because Yanjaa , for all her talent and amazing skills hasn’t yet brought much ‘new’ to the memory table. Ok maybe ‘new’ is the wrong word when talking about techniques that go back to the bloody stone-age, but a ‘new take’ or ‘modern exegesis’ perhaps.
Seems to me that those Memory Gods who get the ‘love’, are respected and even admired not because they won however many championships but because they have something to say that we all want to hear…even if it is in an Australian, South African or, worse still, American accent that puts every true Englishman’s teeth on edge.
I’m sure Yanjaa will too in the fullness of time, I could imagine she will write the book on Mongolian/Chinese memory techniques as taught to children there.

Any reason you include Chinese? The Mongolian language has nothing to do with Chinese. Nothing to do with Russian either, despite the Cyrillic alphabet they use.

Several reasons and nothing to do with the languages. I should perhaps have rephrased it as ‘Mongolian/South East Asian’ because I dare say Japan, Thailand and Korea will also be well represented.Entirely possible it will be an Asian kid who does a Roger Bannister on the 10 seconds for cards.

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I give that a fairly good chance actually. I was just confused as to what that might have to do with Yanjaa…

She was still competing for Sweden when she started out and only later changed the country she represents at competitions to Mongolia. From that point of view I was wondering what her hypothetical book would have to do with Chinese.

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There was scene in The Yanjaa Show (or ‘Memory Games’ as it is also known) where she attended a ‘memory team’ ‘school’ in Mongolia and she was visibly moved. It also made rather an impression on me as I gather from others that Memory Sports are becoming A BIG Thing in Asia. A BIG THING for parents to send their kids to such ‘schools’ in a way that is not yet (and may never be) in the West. If Mongolian parents feel that way, then pound to a penny other Asian parents do too. I wonder how many schools in the UK have an after-school ‘Memory Club’ along side ‘The Chess Club’ and ‘Math Club’…?
It was interesting to compare the Mongolian ‘school’ with JM’s German memory children’s club.

I actually couldn’t disagree more. I don’t want to name names here, but there are a number of current and former memory champions on YouTube who all offer, essentially, the exact same advice, publish similar books, and lead similar seminars/presentations as one another. Other than their respective personalities, I’m not sure anyone could argue that they’ve brought anything significantly “new” to the table.

Yet Yanjaa is the only one I know of who has made repeated appearances on national TV in multiple countries, is known for having memorized an entire IKEA catalog (including the exact layout of all the images, as well as all of the descriptive text), and is the recognized world memory representative for an entire country.

To ignore those accomplishments and focus on her hair color…?



In Brazil, there is a guy who makes a fortune selling extremely expensive memorization courses. He did not participate in any memory competition. I read some of your memorization books and found it very weak for those who make a fortune selling books, courses and for those who say it is “the best memory in Brazil”.

But if you want to make money from memorization, I recommend that you create books, courses, workshops, lectures, etc. There are a lot of great courses and books out there, so I recommend you be a little innovative.

I particularly, like the @Erol , study mnemonism for love, but I’m not against who wants to make money from it.


Which is strange because I agree whole heartedly with you in regards to Yanjaa’s many accomplishments and achievements. I think you may have misread the tenor of my post as much as you misunderstood my comment about her hair colour (it simply amused me that you described her as ‘visible’). Or, more likely, I didn’t express myself very well.
(as an aside I also agree with you about Ed Cooke!).

Yanjaa can certainly be said to have brought something new to the table by breaking through the , apparently, ‘male’ domain of Memory Sports, by hopefully being a ‘heroine’ or ‘icon’ for young women everywhere. In the recent ‘Memory’ series on Netflix she herself says that when she started it was a male dominated preserve. However has she yet brought a ‘new’ to the table to compare with, say, ‘Remember Remember’, The Ben System, The PAO, The Dominic Method etc etc - ie the stuff us white and nerdies really ‘dig’ ?


You make money by learning and using what you learn, obviously…

Easier and surely learn the information, pass the exam and get certificated, and apply your knowledge to the adjacent job, consider basically it is all about memory:

  • Certified data professional (CDP)
  • Certified information systems security professional (CISSP)
  • Cisco certified internetwork expert (CCIE)
  • Cisco certified network associate (CCNA)
  • Cisco certified network professional (CCNP)
  • Certified information systems auditor (CISA)
  • CompTIA A+
  • Microsoft technology associate (MTA)
  • Project management professional (PMP)
  • Oracle certified professional
  • Salesforce certified development lifecycle and deployment
  • Certified Scrum master (CSM)
  • AWS certified solutions architect
  • Certified ethical hacker (CEH)
  • Global information assurance certification (GIAC)
  • ITIL

But maybe some of these jobs are stressing, but if you have all that’s needed for you to know about the resources and you keep learning as new services and products get invented… memorization is key to thinking, thus innovation is what you’ll need to occupy yourself in.


Easiest : Learn Day Trading and memorize patterns to day trade your way to wealth!