How to make memory palaces

Heys guys I am new here , so I can memorize almost 40 cards in order for which I use my house.
But I have 0 memory palaces, where do I start and how do I make more of these, I procrastinate a lot , and my country is in a lockdown now. I tried to make imaginary palaces but they mostly just disappear.
And I tried a walking path to store but after some time it all just disappears . And How important is revision ,I barely revise my suff


Revision is important, especially if you’re forgetting things. :slight_smile:

Check out the spaced repetition page.


Thanks for the help man .

So how do you make your memory palaces ?
Are there threads to memorize organic reactions, physics and math formulas and concepts.
And is there a system for memorizing words?


You might be interested in these pages:


Memory palaces:

Also check out the free PDF ebook and the FAQs for more links.


Thank s man , looks like you have an arsenal of info

How do I train for Images, Names and Words for

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There’s a section of the forum about Memory League.

When you use the search box, you can limit the search to just that section by putting the category number next to the search term like this:

images category:8

(Easy to remember with “snowman”. :slight_smile: )

Here are the pages:

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Thanks , also is there a way too go directly to lvl 8 in cards because I can already memorize 40 cards, as I went directly to lvl7 in words.

No, it’s not possible to skip levels in Cards.

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Fine ill do that when I get premium , before that I need to perfect my systems and palaces