How to make a good association?

I am a new. I just started to practice the memory palaces 2 weeks ago. And i have problem with the association. I can’t make a good association. I have known about SMASHIN 'SCOPE of Tony Buzan, there are 12 tips in SMASHIN 'SCOPE but I just use some of them, not all. And I don’t know what is the most important tip? Which tips we must use to make sure that the association is memorable? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Could you give an example. locus plus images you want to place. Maybe people can comment on how they would put the images in the locus.

I think it depends on the person. I would experiment and see which items in the list work best for you.

(Side note: here’s a page about SMASHIN’ SCOPE for reference.)

Thank you Josh Cohen.

It depends on what is your best way of learning ( Visual- Audiotory-kinethetic)
I also use only some tips in each loci
However, I see that the main reason why newcomers forget is either they forget the loci or the picture of the info the want to stick

I also had problems with associations. I tried to follow advices about making associations very rich in sensory details (sight, sounds, smells etc)

It gave me headaches when I imagined very detailed scenes. I struggled to give every object and every character colors, movements, sounds, etc. And in the end, I usually recalled few of the details (color, movement, speech). Though, these few recalled details gave me the encoded info, the association process felt really inefficient.

So much stress, so little info encoded. This made associations feel like hard work to me.

Now, I have accepted the reality. I expect myself to forget a percentage of the details during associations. I accept Murphy’s law (if it can happen, it will happen) & plan ahead.

So, I make very many low/average quality associations to encode the same info. They serve as backup redundant associations, they are faster to make, reduce my worries, and give me less headaches. And I still get my encoded info every time.

Eg. To link: Statue of liberty :statue_of_liberty: + eggs.
I’ll put a shining egg on d torch, eggs smashed on her face, dripping from her mammary glands & she will be standing and rolling back and forth on an egg.

Now, I am insured :slight_smile:.