How to listen to audio and remember everything/memorise whats said?

I am currently doing year 11 Japanese. In my final year of high school in 2022, there will be oral listening tests where I must listen to a recording of a person/s speaking in Japanese, and record what was said afterward either in English and Japanese. I will also answer questions that will be given out.

Anyway, I know some people memorize textbooks and things so I thought it would be nice to memorize these speeches but on the spot as it is test conditions. Even if I remember the overall message/topic I know there will be technical trick questions to trip me up. (eg multiple locations and times listed, if location A is famous for something A and location B is famous for something B the question might ask is location A famous for something B, I might remember the topic being covered but not what details match what. god hope that makes sense.) so I want to avoid things like that by being sure of exactly what I heard.

This is like my second post and I’m not fully sure how to navigate the site but feel free to tell me if there’s already a question similar to this etc :))