How to link more than 2 images in the same location?

Hi, I am wenbin, i am currently using one card per image to memory poker and i link two image per locus and i usually do this for my number or other memory staff. I am familiar in linking two image per locus. May i get any advise that how to memory 4 image or more per locus because I am consider the poker system that WMC Alex use since it may be more than 2 image per locus. Thanks in advance

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Hi. I am not familiar with this “poker” system you claim Alex Mullen is using. AFAIK, Alex is using a 3-digit system for numbers (2 images per locus), a similar system modified with the block-system for cards (which involves a varying number of images per locus), and probably 2 images/locus for words and images.

I place multiple images in single locations left-to-right or top-to-bottom, based on the Ben System. That helps me keep them in order within the location.

I thought Alex is using a 2 block system for card and one image may possible represent different two pair of card, either start from red or black. I think his system will need to vary the image in each locus depend on black card or red card start first. I am considering to use the system too however my current system and training is always 2 image in one locus. I scare I cannot cope the system since there may be multiple image in one image and sometimes up to 6 or even more.

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May I get your advise on how to place and link this four image together, for example 3.panda 4.frog.Thanks a lot


[via Google Translate: The shadow system multi-link problem seems to me to have only 2 solutions: 1. Link in spatial order, from left to right, top to bottom 2. According to the plot of the story, if it is 3 images, I will attack A B affects C, or A uses B to attack C or A and B to attack C. I am still more difficult to grasp for more than 4 images. But you can skip over 4-5 images in a single place, so that even if you don’t remember the last suit, the final reasoning can still be inferred.]

Based on Ben System:
I ‘see’ them arranged from left to right, or top to bottom, and interacting in various ways according to rules I made up as I went along, depending on which objects come together in what order. Can someone explain this a bit more with some examples so it can become clear to me?

I don’t know exactly how Ben does it, but you might want to check out this video and blog post:

From the way I interpreted it, I literally visualize images placed from left-to-right or top-to-bottom and the relationships between different images sort of grow out of practice.


  • 51 for me is a bamboo grove. If it comes first in a group, the second image is emerging from the right side of the bamboo grove. If the bamboo comes second, then the first image is in the top of the bamboo. (The bamboo in my image isn’t as tall as in that video though.)
  • 01 for me is a glass of iced tea. If it comes first in a group, it usually has fallen over to the right and the second image is coming out of the glass, or the second image is submerged under the tea. If the iced tea comes second, then the first image is floating on the tea.

What the images are doing sometimes depends on what the previous or following images are doing.

I experimented with three images per location but went back to two images per location because it seemed to work better for me.

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