How to learn conservation techniques

Hi How’s everyone in this wonderful forum? I’ve been here a few days I originally knew about the art of memory But I knew a few days ago about this wonderful site I read a book The Moon Walk with Einstein And since then I’m in love with memory now and in love with everything about memory I learned how to build memory palaces I have about 45 memory palaces I imagine them with good accuracy and a And in a good way., i don’t forget, because they’re all well in my mind And I imagine them well But the problem is, they’re empty I know the techniques, but I don’t have the mood yet I know how to remember the numbers, but not perfectly And the Practicing cards I’m still practicing on on them but very sporadically I want to be one of the participants in the memory tournament, but in the years to come Now I want to know how to memorize names Without knowing their faces That’s the hardest thing for me right now Anyone with a piece of information, please say it to me And anyone who’s always free This is my account at The Instagram That’s my name xname496 If you want, give me some information, because the lnstaram is good For the messenger And give me the information, and if you don’t know the information, let me know And I’ve heard a saying that the best way to learn is to teach it to others And thank you.
Hussein​ :heart:

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