How to learn 1000 object major system fast?


I have found that link
It is major system database for 3 digits number! It 's really amazing! I want to use “1000 objects” instead of “100 objects” because using “100 objects” is not convenient, not fast.
But learning this system will take a lot of time!
Are there any tips for learning this system faster?


Try and memorize pi, e, or some other sequence whilst at it… this way you get constant review. Also replace images in the list with images that are more intuitive to you if the word isn’t easy to remember or you always have something else popping into your head instead.

Also use spaced repetition software (SRS), divide the list into 10 lists of 100, then start each list over 10 days and with SRS you should get the reviews as needed… Anki or Memrise would be two of your choices.