How to keep disparate thoughts in head?

Sometimes when driving or doing something monotonous, a great thought will pop into my head. However, two minutes later, when I reach for my phone, I forget the thought.

Another scenario is when meditating. Sometimes an amazing idea pops into my head, but I forget right after the meditation session is over.

My question is - How can I remember these thoughts long enough to write them down? Also, what is the basis for this kind of intelligence - working memory, short term memory, etc.?

I would make an image that represents the main thing you want to remember or if it is necessary a few images and place them in your standard memory palace that you use for this. Repeat the images a few times during your day until you are home and you can use your idea or write it down. It takes a bit of training to come up for good images for anything you can think of, but with a little practice this will make it possible to remember anything on the fly. This technique is also very handy when you talk to somebody and feel the need to remember some key points the person is mentioning. It is important to have already a memory palace that you know very well on hand.

You’are storing it in your “memory palace memory” that is a lot longer then short time memory, but not yet long time memory or reflex memory. You would not be able to recall the information without linking it to the known or reviewing it. You know the memory palace well and the images you place in it will trigger the thought you had.

This works very well with languages for example: The verb I like in Thai is Chop(in roman letters that is). I will link this word to the idea that I like to ride on a CHOPper (motorcycle). Now when I place this in my memory palace I can find this easily and see an image of a chopper or if you use stories you can see yourself riding on a chopper very fast impressing the ladies etc…, But for me just placing an image in my memory palace would be enough. People memorize books or manuals this way so some thoughts should be very doable even if you are new to these techniques.
Good luck :slight_smile:


I tried this today. I used my desk in my room. I had to go to the gas station on the way back from home, so I visualized a gas pump farting on top of my desk. Then I also had to remember to pick up someone from their house, so I imagined that person laying on my bed. However, as I kept doing this, interference started to occur, and images started to overlap, and I started getting confused with images I had placed in my room previously. Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

Make a couple of palaces for temporary items.

I agree with deeptravel if you have problems with old information getting entangled with the new information you placed there you need to have more palaces. Make sure you don’t review them for a week and they should be empty and ready to use again. It could be a good idea to make 7 small ones for everyday of the week and that way you should be fine. It is easy to come up with a bunch of small memory palaces. Good luck :+1:

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