How to increase short term memory span?

I notice the mind appears to be able to only absorb few things at time. For example: If I am trying to memorize a string without spatial techniques, like “sdaklmsghjkdmgkaj”, I won’t be able to spell it in my mind like “sda-kl-ms-gh-jee-kee-demg-kaj”, and I would lose myself in the string. If I am looking faces in the international celebrities game, I won’t be able to recall all of them without association, and when I am reviewing Anki flashcards words that are difficult, like 5 ones that are hard to make associations, I am not able to recall them, and I tend to fail over and over, because I try to grasp one word and forget another and so on and so on, so what I have to do is to separate them in different decks. But now comes my question: How to increase your short term memory grasp in order to avoid such things to happen and be able to review bigger and bigger decks of flashcards?

if you want you can play Dual N Back game its brain training it improve short term memory very rapidly! start with1-BACK then increase it to 2-3-4! good luck!

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Have you ever tried it? I saw the video of someone who tested it for I guess 1 month and it seems it didn’t give much results.

Try 20 sessions per day for 1 week and you’ll notice a bit results, give it a try!

I will give a check. Thanks.